From WGRZ: A look at Niagara Falls five years later – Part 1 & 2

Five years ago, WGRZ 2 On Your Side’s Scott Brown produced an Emmy-award winning special that compared Niagara Falls, New York with Niagara Falls, Canada.


  1. Whats being said is absolutely true. There are key projects going on all over the core area of Niagara Falls. MAJOR infrastructure investments. MAJOR Hotel developments. What’s the next investment to begin? I’d argue family attractions/retail establishments. However there must be a unified process among the city and developers to make change happen FAST. Losing the venue that markets the city is NOT unified. Stalling a KEY hotel project is NOT unified. There will be hurdles to jump and mountains to climb but as the representative from Disney said …”YOU HAVE TO TRY”. Failure is necessary on your way to success. ASK any developer or “wealthy” person! Wealth isn’t easy; if it was don’t you think more people would have it? We all need to be on board with the projects that are going to bring Niagara Falls forward and keep momentum churning toward brighter days for this once great community. We MUST think outside the box; outside our self-interests; and welcome those who want to contribute to our community. The story doesn’t highlight the small positive endeavors going on in the city that when summed up equal a great investment. The Isaiah 61 Project’s noble effort to redevelop abandoned homes AND educate individuals in various trades. The LiveNF Initiative that has spurred the interest of young adults across the county, region, and beyond. Every single piece of positive news is like a STAIR. A stair that will eventually become a part of a larger staircase that takes us to the mountain peaks and over the adversity. Momentum makes success far more likely. Imagine slamming your foot on the gas peddle and pushing towards 100 mph; your adrenaline will pick up but its still so worth the risk right? Now imagine tap the break peddle … the car barely lost speed! Once you get the positive forward momentum going, you’ll barely feel the jolts of negativity. The KEY is to get enough of it going before hitting that bump in the road. Without it, you’ll be halted to a complete stop before having to exert more effort to get the momentum going again. In the last few months we’ve had a lot of positive momentum despite having the casino revenue debacle hanging over our heads; lets keep that up so we can bull through the walls in our way.

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