Barracuda wins tug-of-war (by Craig Avery)

My nephew and his son decided to do a little deep sea fishing in kayaks just off Del Ray Beach, Florida.

The guide had roots in Western New York, so you know they were well taken care of. I’m not gonna write much about this, the video says it all.What I think is exceptional is how calm everybody was when a guy falls out of a boat surrounded by big fish with big teeth!

The three amigos in this episode seem to handle things rather routinely.

Here’s the screen play:

Scene 1: Guy gets pulled out of boat by big fish, guide says, “you’re ok.”
Scene 2: Son paddles over to get fishing pole from dad in water.
Scene 3: Son lands fish while dad gets back in boat.
Scene 4: They take a picture of the fish.

They live in the South, and I guess things just don’t rattle them as much as us Yankees.

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