The Hospitality Hub: Hot Toddies [by Jonathon Boas]


Nothing warms your soul more on a frigid winter night than a hot cocktail on the couch in front of a roaring fire. Just some simple ingredients and a few lively spirits to give a new meaning to movie night!

It’s as easy as your favorite hot beverage such as coffee, tea, cocoa, or cider combined with your go to libations and then the combinations are limitless.

Let’s start with:


Pre-heat a glass footed mug, or use your favorite mug to build this one.

Drop a sugar cube in the bottom and fill to 2/3 with hot black coffee. Pour in 11/2-2oz of a good Irish Whiskey like Jameson’s or Bushmills, stir and float fresh whipped crème with a drizzle of green crème de menthe on top. Add a cherry and a sip stick garnish. For some additional spice add Kahlua or Baileys.


Make Hot Chocolate!! Fill a pre-heated mug 2/3 full, add 11/2 – 2oz Rumplemintz, (careful, it’s 100 proof!), Peppermint or Spearmint schnapps, or Vandermint. Top with fresh whipped crème, drizzle green menthe, chocolate shavings and a candy cane, or a sprig of fresh mint garnish.


Heat Cider and mulling spices in a crock pot on low till it’s steaming hot. Fill a pre-heated mug to 2/3 full, add 11/2 – 2oz of Spiced Rum, Calvados, Brandy, or another spirit Like Crown Apple or Jim Beam Black Stag, garnish with a cinnamon stick and a sprinkle of Allspice.


Your favorite Hot Tea with honey and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, Add a quality Gin or Vodka like Bombay Sapphire or Double Cross garnish with a lemon twist.

Your throat has never felt better! Enjoy!

Jonathan Boas
Niagara Falls International School of Mixology

Hospitality – The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers, providing food, drink and accommodation. It also involves entertainment, fitness and leisure.

Jonathan Boas is a Restaurant Consultant who specializes in Start-up, Renovations, Restorations, and Operations. He can be contacted at –


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