Confessions of a Bear’s Den Junkie (by Craig Avery)


When you think about going to a Vegas style show for an evening of entertainment, the vision of a guy dressed in a dragon costume holding a chihuahua isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind. With show tickets in hand, I’m thinking of Cher on a swing singing “Believe” or Paul McCartney describing strawberry fields.  But last night it was the great venue of the Bear’s Den in the Seneca Niagara Casino that got top honors when Piff the Magic Dragon took the stage. Having never seen this nationally recognized comedian/magician I was comforted by what seemed to be over half the crowd who had seen him before.  One couple I met drove from Jamestown, NY to spend the night just for a chance to see the Dragon once again.  They had been to his show in Las Vegas, and the woman got to hold his dog for a half-hour. (So she’s got that going for her!)  His opening act featured a Monty Python type assistant who perked the interest of those like me waiting to be roasted by the Dragon.  I was sitting in the absolute last row of the theatre in the seat closest to the back of the stage, yet I felt as though I was front and center.  I’m telling you, each time I go to that place I am more and more impressed that it is here for us to take advantage of.  The seats are comfortable, the sound is great, and even the ushers talk to you and seem to care about your level of enjoyment with the evening.  So the dragon was a funny kind of guy, did some pretty cool card tricks and kept his dog under control. I was waiting for a great magic trick, but even with the upclose venue of the Bear’s Den, if he had tried to cut the dog in half, you couldn’t have seen it cause he was so small.  Dragon fans flocked to the photo-op after the show, and bought t-shirts and decks of dragon cards. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and had plenty of time to take advantage of the remainder of a cold, cold, night within the confines of the Seneca Niagara Casino.

Next up for the Bear’s Den?  Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, a phenomenal Springsteen-esque band that will bring the house down.  That’s on St. Patty’s day, so plan your day accordingly.  Then Dan Hill on March 25, followed by the fabulous Scintas on April 1.  You’ve got to take advantage of some great entertainment in your own backyard. Go to for ticket information.  

IMG_2544Dragon helper selling the goods!

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