Laugh it off – the Casino makes it easy (by Craig Avery)

Comedian Brian Regan took the stage at the Seneca Niagara Events Center and warmed a lot of us tired-of-the-winter locals with something to laugh at.  In a time when many stand-up comedy acts include topics of sexual dysfunction and masturbation, this guy was refreshing with his funny takes on normal life issues like kids, friends, shopping, and travel.  Sounds boring? Only because we’re so used to hearing about things that make us uncomfortable before we can laugh. Anyway, Brian Regan had the crowd going and even came out for an encore with a story familiar to many in the audience about a trip to the emergency room, and the nonsensical questions posed by the triage process.

Some thought the opening act, a Fredonia native named Pete Correale was just as good, if not better than the headliner.  Pete is another guy with good old fashioned clean humor on everyday observations.  But it’s hard to describe to anyone who didn’t attend. Ya gotta be there to enjoy it. So don’t miss the next comedy opportunity at the casino on April 6 at 8:00PM in the upclose venue of the Bears Den.  Tony Hinchcliffe will probably make us laugh with some of his political satire, as soon as we realize we can laugh at our current political situations.

And do you know what’s really cool? These guys travel all over the country and internationally, and they can say they’ve been to Niagara Falls in a great facility in front of a terrific audience. Damn we’re good!


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