Ion Yoga & Fitness now open on Third Street in Niagara Falls, USA

ION Yoga and Fitness is up and running like a fat man on New Year’s day!  Associating with the internationally recognized scheduling software ap, “Mindbody,” the wellness studios are able to offer online reservations and payment right from your phone.

 “The most difficult task was coordinating the instructor’s schedules with participants’ preferences,” said Craig Avery, owner of the facilities.  “We now have the ability to post a confirmed schedule of classes and will know how many people are interested in each one.  It will still be a moving target until we can settle in on groups using time slots that fit their needs, but if everybody keeps checking our schedule, it will start to flow.”  Avery encourages people interested in trying out the studios to contact him the old fashioned way, by phone.  “Our phone number is listed on the website and Facebook, you can also send an email to let us know your timing and yoga style preferences,” Avery added.  Check out the information at

Ion Fitness (a facility opening to host physical training classes) got shot out of a cannon through the efforts of Christopher Perricelli, a Niagara Falls native who is a professional dance and fitness instructor.  Christopher has booked the studio for what he calls “The Limitless Challenge” through the month of May.  For more information on this you can inquire through email at



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