Restaurant notes: Havana Cuban Cafe, Stack Burger, Milano’s


restaurant notes

Jamestown has a practitioner of at least one ethnic cuisine Buffalo does not: Cuban.

Havana Cuban Café opened in March at 212 N. Main St. It’s the work of chef-owner Reuben Hernandez, who was born to Cuban parents who moved to Jamestown when he was a teenager…


Lewiston’s Best-kept Secret – The Chantry at Barton Hill [By 2chicks2go]


A few weeks ago, we were shopping in Sam’s Club for some ingredients for pasta sauce. We ran into a nice man, and asked for some cooking advice. Coincidentally, he was the head chef of The Chantry at Barton Hill, in Lewiston. Not only did we get some great advice, but we got a kind invitation to go behind the scenes and check out some of his techniques for ourselves.

We were surprised to hear that Barton Hill is not only a Spa and Hotel, but they also have a restaurant. Somehow this was news to us. What a great discovery!

Lewiston is well known in Niagara County for its excellent restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops, but there certainly is room for one more, as this young chef’s philosophy is farm to table, market fresh and local sourced fresh ingredients (as much as seasonally possible).

Upon arrival at the Barton Hill, Chef William Aley gave us a guided tour of this unique establishment, which is true to Lewiston’s historic persona.  He explained that though its a newer building (2006), the doors were cut lower, and the floors laid down before much of the work was done, to give it an authentic time weathered appearance. (Just a couple of ‘tricks’ he shared with us). It is set near the Niagara River, and many of the rooms have a lovely view. Each room is a little different, and the place is very attractive to those with discerning taste…



WNY Fish Fry Guide – 2015


It’s Friday and it’s fish fry season. Time to make some decisions.

Baked, broiled or beer-battered? Coleslaw or macaroni salad? German or American potato salad? Dine-in or takeout?


Eat Here! Somewhere in Youngstown, New York

Eat_Here_with_StenzSomewhere there is a small neighborhood bar, and this bar Somewhere out in the middle of nowhere (well, in this case, to you my Dear City Slicker, it may seem like out in the middle of nowhere!) awaits your presence. So, you should start your car and drive Somewhere.  Get your keister our of your house and go Somewhere. [Insert your own “Somewhere” jokes here with gleeful ad nauseam abandon!] 

This particular Somewhere is actually located on Blairville Road and East Avenue at the former spot once named The Porter House in Youngstown, New York.  Although the volleyball courts remain (and will be utilized to the fullest!) not much else at Somewhere is what it once was.  Fresh coats of paint, new church-pew style seating, an obvious deep cleaning and a great new pub style menu await you.



Somewhere with Pat Stack




We had the Saloon Sliders and two salads – the Cathi and the Titanic.  Everything was delicious, served quickly and was affordable. Fresh baked bread, homemade dressings and hearty portions will definitely bring you back to Somewhere time and time again. We are looking forward to our next visit, no doubt.

Our man Pat Stack looks like a natural behind the bar – and you’ll look natural with a frosty beverage in your hand on the other side of the bar! Get out and get your arse Somewhere today!

Coming this Fall season – volleyball, Bills games, patio barbecues and a whole lot more – stay tuned to the NiagaraHub for more information or “Like” their Facebook page here:

We’ll meet ya Somewhere, soon.

(Sick of the Somewhere jokes yet? Nahhh…)


The Mixologist Corner: Bartenders Toolbox [by Jonathan Boas]

“If you want the job done, you’ve got to have the proper tools.” Shaggy

Much like the Carpenters Hammer and Speed Square or a Catchers Mask & Mitt, Bartenders have tools too. With these basic tools in place you can create hundreds of delicious libations!

Every “Stick” (Cocktail Station) should have these basic tools stocked in a clean, orderly fashion and set up exactly the same as all of the other similar “Sticks.” This is an example of a professional set-up. You can have a party with a partial set-up it just depends what you want to serve and how many people you’ve invited.

Rubber Pouring Mats

At least one, preferably 2 or more. You’ve seen them, they commonly have liquor logos on them. These are for building drinks and storing your mixing tins and mixing glasses.

Cocktail Napkin Caddy
For stocking  bevnaps, sip stix, long straws, and sword picks.

Garnishes/Condiment Caddy
Come on, you know you have pilfered olives and cherries from one of these in the past, they are right there on the bar top! A typical caddy will store lime wheels or wedges, lemon wedges, lemon twists, orange slices or wheels and the aforementioned olives and cherries. Also, fresh mint for Mojito’s and if you are serving Gibson’s, you will need a jar of Cocktail Onions. Possibly, Celery sticks for Bloody Mary’s.

One bottle each Angostura bitters, Worcestershire, Tabasco, in Buffalo Franks, and A-1 sauce.

Salt/Sugar/Chocolate Rimmer’s
Just put them in a saucer and rub a lime or lemon around the rim of the glass and then dip it, for Chocolate use just a bit of Soda Water

Sweet Vermouth, Dry Vermouth, Roses Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, Sour Mix, Margarita mix.

Mixing Tins and Mixing Glasses
Usually 2 of each, for mixing glasses you can also use a Pint beer glass.

Bar Spoon
One of those long skinny ones with a red tip that can reach the bottom of a large glass.

Metal half moon thing with a spring and a handle that you probably didn’t know what it was for!

Double sided Jigger
Usually 1 1/4oz on one side and 3/4oz on the other, which equals 2oz! For y’all rookies, that’s three of the most common measurements you will need.

Pour Spouts

Lots of different ones, my favorite one for free pouring is a long straight metal one with a skinny spout.

Ice Bin
You can use a bucket, a lined bus tub, or a Lexan.

Ice Scoop
NEVER, EVER DIP YOUR GLASSWARE IN THE ICE! The glass will break or chip and become invisible in the bin. If this does happen, you will need to “Burn” the ice bin. Which means either use hot water and bar towels to melt the ice and clean out any glass shards, or replace the bin.

Wine opener, bottle opener, can opener, fruit knife and cutting board a lighter for flaming drinks.

Lots to choose from, Soda water, Tonic, Colas, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Juices like OJ, Cranberry, Pineapple, Grapefruit, V-8, Tomato or Clamato for you Cesar fans!

We will have another class all about frozen drinks when the weather warms up!

Lots to choose from, it’s entirely up to you here is a list of standard glasses:

Pilsner, Mug or Pints, everyone likes a nice beer glass and for a professional touch keep them cold.

Short and round for liquor over ice (on the rocks) or two liquor drinks, Black Russian and the Rusty Nail.

Tall and medium height for liquor with a modifier over ice, Screwdriver, Rum and Coke, Gin and Tonic.

Usually stemmed for up cocktails.

Tall Wine
White Wine.

Round Wine / Goblet
Red Wine.


Well you know… Up!  A martini glass will do in a pinch, but you can get glasses specifically for margaritas.

Cordials, Cognac, anything Aromatic and usually after dinner.

Old Fashioned Muddler

The Muddler is the wooden dowel and it has a round end and also a flat end – it’s used to smush stuff….good stuff like limes, mint, sugar cubes (oh man I forgot those too!) and basil all “muddled up” with whatever particular bitters your palate craves. Think Fee Brothers of Rochester!

Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg. Use the Traditional Handcrafted Cocktail recipes I gave you last time and you will be pumping Kool-Aid like a Pro in no time flat!


Jonathan Boas is a Certified Master Bartender and Chef who does Bar/Restaurant Consulting.
(The preceding article is a guest submission for The content or opinion expressed within does not necessarily reflect the opinion or views of Readers are encouraged to submit articles and videos, but expresses the right to approve or disapprove each submission. Each submission will be posted as is.)

NSABPA’s Chicken and Rib Dinner Fundraiser

Niagara Street Area Business and Professional Association presents:

Alps Catering famous ROASTED HALF CHICKEN DINNER & Bakery Restaurant’s RIB DINNER – Dine in or Take-out!

Monday, March 10, 2014


$13.00 includes 2 tickets for Draft Beer, Soda or Coffee.

3004 Niagara Street, Niagara Falls, NY

Featuring: 50/50 – Baskets

For ticket information, call Ron Anderluh at 716-946-1866

Proceeds to benefit the Niagara Street Business & Professional Association


* * *

The Mixologist Corner: 6 Traditional Handcrafted Cocktails Perfect for any social gathering [by Jonathan Boas]

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day or any holiday (or any day for that matter!), we want you to pour your drinks with perfection!  Follow our lead and let us help you with the following basic recipes:

All served “up,” or “on the rocks” (over ice), “shaken or stirred” ( don’t bruise the ice!).  Think BIG – 2oz of Spirits to 1/2oz of modifier (such as Vermouth). Glassware should be a martini glass for an up cocktail, or a large rocks glass or “Old Fashioned” glass for on the rocks.

Traditional Martini
Your favorite vodka or gin, with a dash of dry vermouth, with a lemon twist or olive garnish. (We will do another whole column focusing on other Martinis like the flight of ‘tinis you see below).

 It’s a traditional Martini just like the first one! The only difference is that you use cocktail Onions to garnish it!

Your favorite Vodka or Gin, with a dash of Roses Lime juice and a Lime wedge or wheel garnish.

Every bartender needs to know this one! The first ingredient is always a dash of Angostura Bitters.
Originally made with Rye whiskey, Bourbon or Blended Whiskey or your favorite Whiskey will do the trick.
Sweet Manhattan, Sweet Vermouth and a cherry garnish. If you prefer you can add a dash of cherry juice.
Dry Manhattan, Dry Vermouth and twist of lemon.
Perfect Manhattan, Sweet and Dry Vermouth, 1/4oz each, Lemon twist and a Cherry garnish.

Rob Roy
A Manhattan just substitute your favorite Scotch.

Old Fashioned
This one is a little more complicated you will need a muddler, sugar cubes or packets are fine, bitters, an orange slice or wheel, and a cherry.

Combine a packet or cube of sugar, one orange wheel and a cherry with a good dash of bitters in the bottom of the glass. Muddle well until fruit and sugar are smashed together. Add 2oz of your favorite Whiskey, for on the rocks add your ice now, add a dash of seltzer or soda water, topped with a lemon twist.


Jonathan Boas is a Certified Master Bartender and Chef who does Bar/Restaurant consulting. Any questions?



New Year’s Eve 2014 Guitar Drop and Free Concert from Hard Rock Cafe Niagara Falls, USA

Celebrate the New Year in a rockin’ atmosphere just footsteps away from the brink of Niagara Falls.  Come on down to the Hardrock Cafe in Niagara Falls, USA and party like a rockstar!

Upcoming events at Wine on Third

NO COVER on any of these events

Saturday Sept 14, music by Nick Spacone 8pm

Wednesday September 18, music by Michael Krisch 8pm

Thursday September 19, Art Opening for John Briglio 7pm  (I’ve attached some jpgs of his work)

Saturday September 21, music by Brent Persia 8pm

Wednesday September 25, music by Jamie Holka 8pm

Saturday September 28, music by Triad 8pm

Aquarium fundraiser hails the grape

M&T Bank will once again be the grand marque sponsor for the Aquarium of Niagara’s annual Winds, Waves & Wines celebration of the area’s grape harvest. WWW XIV will be held Thursday, Sept. 19th at the Convention & Event Center Niagara Falls from 6 to 9 p.m.

Wineries participating are A Gust of Sun Winery, Black Willow Winery, Chateau Niagara Winery, Dr. Frank’s Winery, Long Cliff Winery, Merritt Estate Winery, Midnight Run Wine Cellar, Niagara Landing, Standing Stone Wines, Vetters Vineyard, Victorianbourg Estates, Willow Creek Vineyard

Caterers/restaurants include Conference& Event Center Niagara Falls, Four Points by Sheraton, Just Say Cheesecake, Niagara Falls Culinary Institute, Niagara Honeymoon Sweets, Quality Hotel & Suites, Starbucks/Niagara, Webster’s Bistro & Bar.

Music will be provided by the popular Rod Nickson Project, sponsored by Turner Construction. Deejay Pat Proctor of Premier Sound will play music in the courtyard. A silent auction with great prizes also is planned.

Free parking will be available at the Aquarium lot, between Third and Whirlpool streets. Shuttle service, provided by the Niagara State Park Trolley, will run from 5:45 to 9:30 p.m. Parking also is available on city streets and in nearby lots.

The popular Aquarium fundraiser will once again feature Aaron Mentkowski of WKBW Channel 7 as celebrity host.

Prizes for the silent auction have been donated by Whitenight’s Jewelers, Art Effects Glass, Fichte, Endl & Elmer Eye Care, WELCOME magazine and many more. Media sponsors are Greater Niagara Newspapers and Niagara Frontier Publications- (Sentinel, Tribune, Dispatch and Pennysaver.)

Tickets for WWW XIII are $55 each or $100 a couple. They can be purchased in advance at the Aquarium or at the door that night. Members are required to pay for fundraisers. For more information or to be included as an event sponsor, call 285-3575, Ext. 204.