The Soapbox with guest Anthony Vilardo – The City of Niagara Falls Director of Business Development


We welcome Director of Business Development Anthony Vilardo to the NiagaraHub! Anthony paid a visit today and sat down for a Soapbox interview. We’ll be seeing Anthony regularly and the Hub is your place to catch up with news and know what current projects are ahead! Stay tuned for updates and enjoy the Hub’s first Soapbox of 2016!

Watch video here:

The Soapbox with guest Vince Anello

Vince Anello

Our pal Vince stopped by for a Soapbox interview in order to discuss some aspects of today’s political scene in Niagara Falls. You can hear Vince’s show (The Vince Anello Show) every Tuesday and Thursday on WJJL 1440AM at 10am. Watch the Soapbox here:

The Soapbox with FlexDex Skateboards


The FlexDex crew returns with an update on the business along with a positive outlook for 2016 and beyond!

Learn more about a great local small business here:


The Soapbox with guest Mayor Paul Dyster

Mayor Paul Dyster paid a visit to the Hub today to speak to our audience about the current positives and negatives in Niagara Falls, as well as his campaign hopes for this election. With subjects ranging from housing to the local stink, we’ve just begun to scratch the surface. Stay tuned to the Hub for subsequent visits from our Mayor during his re-election bid. Watch video here:

If you are campaigning for this election season and would like to appear on the Soapbox, please drop us an email or call us at 716.299.0705 – thank you!


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The Soapbox with guest Mayoral Candidate John Accardo

Our friend and Niagara Falls mayoral candidate John Accordo joined us on a sunny, busy day on Main Street at City Hall to let our audience know what his plans and strategies are for his campaign run. Watch the video here:

The Soapbox with guest Mayoral Candidate Robert Pascoal

Robert Pascoal

Our friend Bob Pascoal paid a visit to the studio today and sat down with Craig for a Soapbox interview – You’ll hear Bob’s promises to the voters if elected Mayor and how he will accomplish his goals. Watch video here:

The Soapbox with guest Jim Szwedo (Mayoral Candidate)



Our pal (and Mayoral Candidate!) Jim Szwedo dropped in to give us an update of how things are going on the campaign trail. Be on the lookout from a visit from Jim to a neighborhood near you!

Watch video here:

The Soapbox with guest Savannah King

Savannah King

Long time Hub friend Savannah King paid a visit to the studio for a sit down on the Soapbox. Hear about her new band and album and upcoming appearances. You can find Savannah’s music at

Watch the video here:

The Soapbox with guest Cris Johnson from Niagara Falls Hypnosis Center


Cris pays a visit to the NiagaraHub for his second go ’round on The Soapbox. You are getting sleepy… sleeeeeeepy… verry sleeeeeeepy… when I count to three, you will watch the following video… 1… 2… 3!

The Soapbox with guest Glenn Choolokian


Our friend, current councilman and mayoral candidate Glenn Choolokian stopped by the NiagaraHub for a casual conversation to introduce himself to our viewing audience and explain his campaign platform. Learn about Glenn’s perspective and interests by watching the video here: