Local drug abuse has reached epidemic proportions – are you aware? by Patrick Mackenna

The drug abuse problem has reached epidemic proportions.


  1. yungnwise says:

    This is so true. I’m a straight junkie and have been on methadone for a year now. Twhis article here is THE TRUTH! On saturdays I used to take two of my mothers lortabs and would get high and have drinks. I always looked forward to Saturday. Then one Saturday I was like why am I putting restrictions on such a good feeling. So when I left I took a couple extra for Sunday to relax that day also. Six months later after I had to take twenty tabs to get high I went right to dope. I sniffed it twice and then my mother showed me how to shoot up. All it takes is for you to open that door just a bit. If anyone ever reads this who isn’t already a dope fiend….if you brake your wrist, take tylenol. You’ll live. Don’t you ever sit too .highigh up on that horse…”not my kids” “not me” this is

    • Ms. Niagara says:

      Obviously your mother couldn’t be accused of saying “not my kids” since she was showing you how to shoot up. Sad that you have a mother like that, but I hope you are eventually able to get off the methadone too. Sending good wishes your way to remain strong and eventually be 100% drug free.

  2. Kristenhayes says:

    The outpatient treatment for drug addiction makes it possible for the addicted patients to carry on with their routine work and stay with their family while undergoing addiction treatment.

  3. Thanks for the story, it’s important that people understand the extent of the prescription drug problem. People talk about pot being a gateway drug, but this is a perfect example of that phenomenon really happening.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful article!! Very true