Niagara Falls Community Development Housing Initiative meeting – August 14, 2012

Video from the community meeting held at 640 Park Place for the community to better understand elements of the program:


  1. So, a little over a year ago the good people of park place got a lot of help making their little area part of the national registry, but apparently no one wants to live there. Meanwhile we live about 1000 feet from where this meeting was held, which is closer to the Falls then they are, but our area isn’t in the target area. I think someone, or ones, that own real estate in the park place area might be having something to do with this. What a way to make a buck on the taxpayers dime, utilizing every public resource possible to turn a private profit. All the while, we within a few blocks of the main attraction have to deal with “Known” drug houses, sex offenders, a parole office in the middle of the downtown restaurant area with all the parolees lurking around panhandling. We need the break, but yet park place seems to be the ONLY place. I was told at the meeting that the reason for the boundaries was because they had to set some and it just worked out that way, yet 5 minutes later he said it was all based on proximity to the Falls themselves. Look at their proposal map and tell me if that makes any sense.