Council candidate Chris Voccio unveils “10-5 Plan”

[Press Release]

Chris Voccio, a candidate for city council, has unveiled what he calls his “10-5 Plan” for fiscal responsibility.

“We need to put Niagara Falls city government on a diet, and the 10-5 Plan is a start down that road,” Voccio declared. “It’s time we show taxpayers that city government can live within its means, even with diminished casino revenues, and it’s time we show city employees that we want to be their partners in finding ways to improve city finances.”

Voccio explained his 10-5 Plan in a press release:

Reduce salaries for all elected officials in the city by 10%.
Call on all city employees, people with direct knowledge of where the city spends its money, to come forth with ideas to trim 5% from the rest of the budget.

“This is a first step to show Niagara Falls residents that fiscal sanity is a priority. If elected to the council, I’ll push for this measure along with bringing back the Financial Advisory Panel,” Voccio said.

“The salary reductions will be a huge symbolic move,” Voccio continued. “More importantly, getting all employees engaged in this, by asking for their ideas to trim 5% from the entire budget, will bring about huge savings and show city employees we want them involved.”

“We’ll show the taxpayers we mean business, city employees we want their input, and we’ll show the Seneca Nation of Indians we can manage our finances wisely and they should want to be part of the turnaround of the city,” Voccio continued.

Voccio earlier called on the council to bring back the Financial Advisory Panel, which was disbanded by the council last fall.


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